Audio video join popup for new component view 2.14.0

While joining the meeting zoom is not asking as popup for video and audio

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
Zoom component view (Web) ‘2.14.0’

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join zoom component view meeting
  2. You will not see any popup that will ask you to join audio and video
  3. You gets join directly

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: All Device
  • OS: All OS
  • Browser: All Browser
  • Browser Version : All version

Additional context
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Hi @sudhakar
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Allow me some time to test this behavior with our sample app and I will get back to you shortly

Hi @elisa.zoom,

Any update on this ?

Hi @sudhakar
Thanks for your patience here!
I am able to replicate this issue with our sample app:

Allow me to ask internally if this change is expected and I will come back to you shortly

Hi @sudhakar
I just did some internal research and it looks like the functionality of the popup for audio and video is not present in Component View, You may simply click the video / audio button on the UI to start the video / audio.


@elisa.zoom, Currently I’m facing the same issue and I also tried to click on Audio button to join the Audio but it is not getting connected. I’m having Client View
so can you please elaborate the solutions, if possible provide screen shots.
@elisa.zoom the upgraded SDK APP is in production so can you look into ASAP

Hey @sudhakar did you get any solution on this?

Hi @vishwajeetbhosale
What version of the meeting SDK are you using?
The sample app here works with no issue

Web SDK v2.14.0

Issue is Audio is not getting connected of the participant in Zoom meeting web SDK version 2.14.0, using Client view

Are you able to replicate that issue with the sample app? @vishwajeetbhosale

Not with Sample APP, can you provide me Sample app in Angular where I can init() and Join() the call.

sure thing @vishwajeetbhosale

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