Audio when screen sharing a Zoom App

Zoom Apps Configuration
Zoom app developed in React. Application consists of a video carrousel and Mux video player.

Audio is not being shared when the host is screen sharing the zoom app and presenter is using external audio device. If the presenter is not using external audio device, the video audio can be heard by the attendees. If the presenter is using an audio device (e.g headset, airpods), the audio is not audible to the attendees.

Is there any way to ensure the audio is shared?

Hey @michael-journey, welcome! Can you specify, is the issue with the app/Zoom Apps SDK, or is this an issue in the meeting generally? Is it solved if the participant sharing specifies that they want to share audio (below)? This is a user/client setting, I don’t know a way the SDK can ensure this setting is picked at the moment.

Also, I’d love to hear more about the video carousel and the implementation of Mux :eyes: !


I think I understand our issue better now. When a user wants to share the contents of a zoom app with other participants, it seems the regular Share Screen functionality does not work. While screen sharing, other zoom windows are not visible to other participants. The option to share a zoom app is then Sharing the app directly in the “Share App Screen” button.

The zoom app is correctly displayed to other participants as we have tested our app, but the sound in that option does not seem to be shared. In this case, if I dont have my airpods, the audio is shared through my speakers, but if the user is using airpods/headset, the video audio is not audible for other participants.


@michael-journey can you share if you are using the zoomSdk methods to accomplish screen sharing or the client? If so, what are your reproduction steps / code sample?

Not using the zoomSDK at the moment. This is just with the default app sharing in the client:

This might be a limitation of the “Share App Screen” functionality not having the share audio option. We tried other zoom app from the marketplace that have audio and the same issue ocurred.

Good news here @michael-journey ! We are working on a Zoom Apps api to share computer audio & expect support and documentation available late this month or next

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Hey Jon! Amazing news! I will keep an eye for this feature. Thank you very much for your support!

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Hey @JonStewart, great to see this feature! Unfortunately, when using the new shareApp with audio option, the audio is always shared with low fidelity in mono which is not the perfect user experience we would like to provide (especially when playing music). Only when using the dedicated shareComputerSound method, sharing in high-fidelity is possible. However, shareApp and shareComputerSound cannot be used in parallel.

My suggestion would be to default to stereo sound when shareApp with audio is called.

Good feedback. Thanks @sebastian1 - noting this for our product team

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