auth error




  - rawValue : 3

Contact support if you see this repeatedly. If not, just leave and join meeting again


not calling 



MMR error – this is an internal zoom cloud service issue


authService.sdkAuth(meetingParticipants.sdkKey, appSecret: meetingParticipants.sdkSecret);


Hi Rajat, I will have an engineer look into this and get back to you. 


thank you 


Is it fixed?


error code 3 means that this account does not enable SDK, please contact with Zoom support to enable, then have a verify


But In setting I had enabled it my self and it is working fine in iOS


please make sure u config the same webdomain as ios. 


zoomSDK.zoomDomain = “


please try to set webdomain as


not working 


which method u call failed?  u mean u call 

  • (void)authSDK:(NSString*)key appSecret:(NSString*)secret,

and get a error 3 for in callback on 

onZoomSDKAuthReturn ??


authService.sdkAuth(meetingParticipants.sdkKey, appSecret: meetingParticipants.sdkSecret);


and I am getting 


  - rawValue : 3


if I skip this and try to join meeting, join meeting not work.


not going inside 

onZoomSDKAuthReturn(_ returnValue: ZoomSDKAuthError) method


u use the mac sdk for electron? how do u use our frameworks, if u just want run demo, u should follow our introduction


I am developing app for mac os I am getting sdkkey and sdksecret key from our own api. I have used framework in similar way you are using in the demo provided by you.