Why does "zoomauth.SDKAuth (appkey, appsecret)" return a status code of 6? The code is the same as the demo

The electron demo runs successfully, and the code implementation logic is the same, but the “zoomauth.SDKAuth (appkey, appsecret)” in the project returned the status code: 6. Why is that…

Which version?

Base SDK versions:
Win32 native SDK version: zoom-sdk.4.6.15074.0203
Mac native SDK version: All_mac_sdk_4.6.15094.0218

1.What is the MAC OS version?
2.Make sure you had called “initSDK” before called “SDKAuth”.
3.You can send us log to do reseach.


  1. macOS version is 10.15.3
  2. It was determined that “initSDK” was executed before “SDKAuth” was executed, and the return status code is 0, which looks normal.

1.Please check the path “(appName)/Contents/Frameworks/”, whether contain ZoomSDK file.
2.Please send us log (~/Library/Logs/(appName)).

hi,this is the run log

Not this log.The log Path is ~/Library/Logs/(appName) .
you need set enable_log to YES.

I have set enable_log to true.

The path is wrong.

You can refer to the demo.

So why does “initSDK” succeed?

Hi 1223229224,

Thanks for the reply. The initSDK might not reflect the root cause of the issue. As Bella mentioned above, the path seems not correctly configured. Please refer to our demo app and have a try to see if it helps.