"Authenticated user has not permitted access to the targeted resource" for v2/past_meetings/#{uuid}/participants

Authorization Error on Take Attendance
Link the API endpoint(s) and/orZoom API Event(s) you’re working with to help give context.

Details on your question, workflow or the problem you’re trying to solve.
For a single customer using our zoom integration - they receive a 403 and “Authenticated user has not permitted access to the targeted resource.” when trying to access past_meetings participants.
This same user can create meetings without issue.
They have shared auth on. When they revoke the permissions and re-authorize, it does not solve the issue.
When they remove the integration completely and re-add it, the issue is resolved temporarily but the error returns with in a few sessions.

The full error message or issue you are running into, where applicable.
Authenticated user has not permitted access to the targeted resource.

How To Reproduce
We have not been able to reproduce locally or with any of our other accounts.

Hi @ssakamoto
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community!
I am happy to help here!
Could you please confirm what app type you are using to call our endpoints and also if the user trying to access those endpoints is part of your account?

Hi Elisa, thank you for following up! I’m not sure what details you need, but our app is listed as OAuth and User Managed. Please let me know if that is not what you need for ‘app type’.

The user is not a part of our account. I don’t want to share the full email but the domain is ‘remerge’.

Hi @elisa.zoom is there any additional information I can provide you? Thank you!

Hi @ssakamoto
I am sorry, I missed your response, I did not get a notification
I will send you a private message to follow up on this

Hi Sara,
I followed up in the private message about the email!
I will send you another one