This meeting for authorised percipients only

We have successful integrated ZOOM meeting API to our platform, Meeting request is sending through automated emails to our customer , if our customers forgot zoom signing credentials and they want to access meeting with login into zoom then it is throwing error.

This meeting for authorised percipients only ,
Click "Sign in to join: to sign into the zoom meeting with your email address authorised for joining the meeting.

Welcome to the Developer Forum @naso! It seems that Only authenticated users can join meetings user setting is enabled. You will want to remove that meeting setting to avoid that error. Please try the join flow without that setting? Here is our support article which provide more details on enable/disable that feature:

Hi Thank you for reply.
Now unauthorised users can able to login into zoom link .
We have added registration _Type = 2 but it is not showing registration form before they enter into meeting.
Could you please let me know


Thank you for the details here. May I ask what is the intended experience you want to provide to your users? If you can share these details with us, we can advise the best path forward to accomplish that. In the meantime, please see this Meeting API Security Enhancements help documentation. It outlines the requirements and their impact on the response of your Zoom Create a meeting and Update a meeting API requests in different scenarios.


Below experience would willing to give to our users .
Unauthorised users should be able to login into the zoom link however register form has to be shown where user can enter name , email to take attendance.
Navarsedutech is a platform where we provide space education to the children so in our case parents never remember zoom password and register form has to be shown to fill children information.

" Unauthorised user has to be joined with register form"

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