This API doesn't support Zoom Apps

I’m trying to hit GET /past_meetings/{meetingId}/participants as per the official docs

And while it works with a version of a Zoom App I have for local testing, another version of the app, published in our cloud environment is getting the following error from the Zoom API:

{ code: 403, message: “This API doesn’t support Zoom Apps.”}

I found a similar thread here but there’s no information about how to solve this in that post.

So, any info about this would be useful:

  • Why does this error happen?
  • How can it be solved?


It seems you have created a Zoom App which cannot use this API. If you’re building a Zoom App, you won’t be able to access past meeting participant data. You need to, they should use an OAuth app

Hey, @ojus.zoom
Thank you very much for replying!

Is there any other API endpoint I could use to get the participants from a current or past meeting that can be called from a Zoom App?

There is some strange inconsistency that we’ve noticed, @ojus.zoom. When we built the code and tested locally with a Zoom App we created for local testing, this callout worked and returned participant data. When we merged our code to staging and swapped credentials for our staging Zoom App, it no longer worked.

Did something change recently?