Authorization Pop up not coming for allowing permissions

Hey team,

I am writing this regarding a issue that we are facing when the user authorise to our user managed app. When they authorise to our app, a pop comes up from zoom to allow permission for the application. This Flow was working perfectly earlier but now when user tries to authorise zoom app on our application, the pop up doesn’t show for any user to allow permission. We have checked the scopes and didn’t found any missing required scope to allow this flow. Please guide us to resolve this issue. Asap. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
Prachi Tiwari

Just to make sure that I understand, you are redirecting to the /authorize OAuth endpoint and the page to allow the user to authorize doesn’t load?

Here is more information on that step:

Have any changes been made to your application?

hey Max,

Yes, when i am redirecting to the /authorise Oauth endpoint and the page to allow the user to authorize the pop up doesnt show up to allow or deny the persmission.

Recently i have added the zoom account from which the app is created to publish on marketplace to a corporate zoom account as admin. After this account merge, this issue we are facing. Not sure of the root cause. I have submitted support tickets too but didn’t got any reply there.

Please help asap as we need to take this integration forward for release.

Thanks and Regards
Prachi Tiwari