Autmatically start recording

I am making third-party app whose details are:

  1. It keeps a track of each upcoming Zoom meeting of the user and logs as a participant in each of the meetings.
  2. In each such meeting, it records the audio conversation and also tracks who has spoken what and store it in my database.

Can i implement automatic recording in my app and if yes then how?
Also can i get seperate audio of individual user?

Hey @1997sprocks,

Here is how to implement automatic recording:

We also have Recording Completed Webhooks that make it easy to integrate them in your application once they are done processing:

You can get the audio transcript (text) of the users here:

Unfortunately we do not have a way to easily get audio of individual user. We are working on a way to do this with an update to the Mobile and Web SDKs released next year. If you would like me to share a few word arounds let me know.