Arrange, start and locally record meeting on behalf of my users


i have a web app with about 2000 users (they are doctors).
I need to give them the functionality, to consult patients via zoom. The patients are not registered in my application. I only have their emails.
There is also a requirement, to keep a recording for each meeting.

My zoom account type is pro (with only 2 users for now).

Currently i 'm trying the following flow.

  • Doctor sets some timeslots, in my app, when he is available for meetings.
  • Patient books one of these timeslots.
  • After the booking, my application uses the zoom API to create a meeting between the two, using my (pro) account as host. With the following settings: “participant_video”:true, “host_video”:false, “auto_recording”:“cloud”
  • My app sends an email to both doctor and patient, with the “join_url”

Next, the meeting takes place between those two, without me (as a host) to join in.

Finally, after the end of their meeting, my app will be notified by a web-hook, in order to download locally the recording of their meeting.

Is this flow, the best way to go? Or am i missing something critical ?

Is there a way for my app, to programmatically join (as host) and locally record the meeting between the other two participants (in order to avoid web-hooks and downloads) ?

Thank you

Hi @webinars3,

Thanks for sharing your use case—this should work. However, I would just point out that if you have 2000 users that could be scheduling meetings, you may need more than just your user in order to create/schedule the meetings as host.

Otherwise, you’re correct in that you’re able to set up a meeting this way and can record them using Cloud Recording.

I might recommend enabling auto-recording so that the meeting is recorded regardless of who the host is/the host’s settings:

Let me know if this helps,

Hi Will,

thank you for your response !

I’m just trying to figure out the best way to cover all my requirements.
That’s why i currently have only 2 users (licenses) on my account. For the proof of concept.
If everything goes as expected, i believe that i 'm gonna need to upgrade my account with many more users (licenses) …

Also i would like to thank you for your recommendation of the auto-recording feature. will do that …

Finally, and sorry for the repetition, please allow me to ask you again about local recording.

Is there a way to avoid the cloud recording and instead record directly / locally on my server, the meeting between a doctor and a patient, using API ?
Keep in your mind that none of them will be a host. Both will be invited to join a meeting hosted by one of my zoom users (licenses) …

Thanks again for any reply !

Hi @webinars3,

No problem, happy to help! Regarding local recording, I’m afraid in order to utilize this, the host themselves must be present and have local recording enabled—this would then be downloaded directly to their local machine. Otherwise, auto Cloud Recording is the only way to ensure the meeting is recorded no matter what, and accessible by you if you’re not present in the meeting.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

Thank you very much for your time and the helpful directions !

I wish you a happy new year !

No problem, @webinars3 — glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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