Auto Admit users in meeting + Waiting Room feature enabled

I am using the Pro account & creating a meeting with Licensed.
I have enabled the waiting room feature from dashboard setting & creating a meeting with waiting room as true.But i am not able to auto admit the users in the meeting.
Even tried meeting registrants & update meeting registrants status api also.
But nothing Worked.
Can anyone provide a solution around it?

Hi @amit.ghanghas

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Note that if you enable the waiting room, you will have to admit the users once they are placed in the waiting room. You can not auto admit them via API

Hope this helps,

Hi @elisa.zoom,

Thanks for the reply. The use-case here is teacher taking a live class and has to auto-admit users every single time while the class is going on (We can not remove the Waiting room because if hosts drops, we want users to go to the WR)

I see an option in Zoom Settings that says - “Users invited during the meeting by the host or co-hosts will bypass the waiting room”

Can you shed more light on this and how we can use this to solve the issue, may be?

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