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Is there an option to disable the Admit per user waiting room feature when the host starts the meeting? We want everyone waiting admitted automatically once the host starts the meeting.

Web SDK 1.8.1
Chrome 85.0.4183.121

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I want to have the option too. As I read somewhere in the docs, now you can either use waiting room feature or use password for a meeting.

I tried the second variant but it didn’t work either, I was constantly getting Recaptcha popup and wasn’t able to pass it (it shows again and again).

So my questions are:

  1. Are there any ways to disable both waiting room and password?
  2. How to fix the problem with Recaptcha that was described above?

Web SDK - latest
Chrome - latest

UPD: Looks like the second way worked for me. I don’t get Recaptcha anymore. @bmilburnI maybe you can try it too?

We disabled waiting rooms and went with passcodes and it’s working fine with 1.8.1. What I’d like to be able to do is provide a list of users that should be admitted without prompting.

Hey @ayubov,

Are you still needing help with your two questions?


Hey @bmilburn,

I suggest distributing the meetingID and passcode to only those you intend to join. Another option is to use Meeting Registration, but that is not supported for meetings on the Web SDK. It’s only supported with webinars.


You can turn off the waiting room at any point under the Security icon in the app during a Zoom meeting. Then everyone will be admitted automatically.

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Thanks for your suggestion @Dorian! :slight_smile:


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