Auto-Confirm/Skip Terms of Service Prompt

Hi all,

We have recently upgraded our application to the newest Windows Meeting SDK that will be deployed on several hundred devices.

We have come across an issue where when a device receives a call for the first time, a terms of service prompt appears and must be accepted to join the call.

This blocks our workflow as in production there are no input devices for these machines, and we are hoping there is a way either through the SDK, reg edit, or any other setting that we can configure to suppress or automatically accept the ToS prompts.

I believe the reason these prompts are occurring is because of this update:


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The same here! Thanks for asking before me,

In a different channel of support I was pointed to this interface in the Windows Meeting SDK. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet:

Thank you very much.

It seems we need to do something like that, with the proper error checking:

class EventListener : public ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderEvent {
	void onReminderNotify(ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderContent* content, ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderHandler* handle) {
		if (content->GetType() == ZOOMSDK::MeetingReminderType::TYPE_TERMS_OF_SERVICE) {
EventListener listener;
MeetingReminderController* mrc = meeting->GetMeetingReminderController();
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Have you, or anyone else, figured out a way to trigger a ToS pop-up or any other reminder that the interface would catch?

I’m trying to validate my implementation, and not quite sure how to do it.

@john.markley , the proposed solution by @enrique would accept the TOS.

To test out the reminder controller, you can trigger it by starting a recording as well.

Here’s the list of event which it supports now