Disable or autoaccept recording prompt

Hi guys,

I’m using Windows Meeting SDK.
There’s any way that I can disable or autoaccept the recording dialog (and even all others dialogs as the custom disclaimer)?

Hey @Pablo.Moreno , this prompt is an important consent moment that allows a user to acknowledge that they’re being recorded. Zoom account admins can decide to prevent the pop-up for users on their account; however, this can’t be controlled at the meeting/application level.

Hi Michael,
I’m using the SDK as a bot and I want to auto accept that prompt to remove it from screen. Even, the custom disclaimer is preventing the bot from joining the call so I need to fix that.

@michael.zoom any chance to achieve that?

Hey @Pablo.Moreno, at Recall.ai we also have bots that run on the Windows SDK and you need to build automation that clicks the “Got it” button to remove the pop up.

Thanks @amanda-recallai , this is what I though but I was expecting an official path. I guess there’s no other way :frowning:

@amanda-recallai @Pablo.Moreno ,

You might want to check out IMeetingReminderEvent


It might work for your use case(s).

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