“Auto-open in Meetings” skips Home page

Zoom Apps Configuration
Our app is running on node.js backend and a combination of VanillaJS/AngularJS/React microfrontends.

Tested on Zoom client version: 5.14.8 (16213)

With “Auto-open in Meetings” setting on, the app’s instance in meeting skips the home page and opens the same page that is currently opened in the main Zoom client window (see How to reproduce below for more info).

Normally, our app’s behavior is intended to be different in meetings and in the main client (I can elaborate if needed). But in this case it doesn’t work: when in meeting, user is immediately navigated to the page that we normally only show in main app window, not in the meeting context. The code on our Home page that normally starts the correct flow is skipped entirely.

Is this behavior expected, or it’s a Zoom client issue? If expected, is it somehow configurable? What would you suggest to us in order to fix/mitigate the UX issue described above?

Troubleshooting Routes
We could duplicate the code from Home page on every page of the app, but this is cumbersome. We might try it as a last resort, but hope for a better suggestion.

How To Reproduce

  1. Enable “Auto-open in Meetings” setting for our Zoom app;
  2. Open the app in main Zoom client and navigate to any page/view in the app;
  3. Start Zoom meeting;
  4. The app auto-opens and then automatically jumps to the app’s page opened in the main client. Expected: it opens app’s home page.