Auto scroll is not working when new chat messages arrives in custom UI, It works in full screen

Auto-scroll is not working when we customize Zoom UI with css, it works fine in full screen but not when the height of the chat container is updated to custom one. I want to fit the UI in specific width and height so I added some of css as per requirement but whenever new messages arrive is auto-scroll to top and not the bottom of the chat container. I would like to know if there is any way to make it work when using custom UI or else is there any callback for which I can listen for new messages and handle this logic of auto-scroll on my end.

No errors

Which version?

Here is the video of the exact issue

Hey @acceluser8866,

If you are over ridding the default CSS of the Web SDK in any way, it could have adverse affects.

If you want a complete custom experience, you can use the Fully Customizable SDK. :slight_smile:


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