Chat box is not scrollable in IOS

I switch to 2.11 web sdk and i got few UI changes .
chatbox is come as a pop up but it’s fine and it’s not scrollable in mobile devices.
i have tried a lot but it’s not working and
popup size is too small how can i resize chat popup?
Please help

Browser Console Error
there is no console error

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
SDK version is 2.11

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

 function startMeeting(signature) {
    document.getElementById('zmmtg-root').style.display = 'block'

      leaveUrl: leaveUrl,
      success: (success) => {
        // console.log(success)

          signature: signature,
          sdkKey: sdkKey,
          meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
          passWord: passWord,
          userEmail: '',
          tk: registrantToken,
          zak: zakToken,
          success: (success) => {
            // console.log(success)

          error: (error) => {
            // console.log(error)

      error: (error) => {
        // console.log(error)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to any zoom web meeting
  2. Click on more button
  3. click on chat
  4. add some messages
  5. and now try to scroll chats

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Iphone 13 IOS 16.4
  • Realme GT master Android 12
  • Browser: chrome (v111 for android)

Thank you for posting the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help! To begin, can you share a screenshot or screen recording of the behavior you see? Also, can you share the exact steps to reproduce the behavior you are seeing?

Once this information is provided, we will be able to provide more personalized support for the behavior you are seeing.

hey @donte.zoom thanks for your reply and sorry for late reply i’m adding a screenshot for your refrence.

screen recorder


  1. go to my app

2.join meeting
3. open chat send few messages for sending a message please press enter (please give us an icon for sending a message).
4. try to scroll in android phn it will not scroll (it is working for IOS ).

Thanks for sending over the steps to reproduce. To confirm, this behavior is only happening on IOS Mobile devices? When testing via your site, the page reloads when I click on the chat, making it difficult to test the steps shared.

@akshay.tiwari, I just tested on mobile again and I am able to scroll and send messages as expected.

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