Automatic camera shutdown

During the meeting, a computer connects three cameras at the same time. During the video conference, the camera will automatically shut down. What is the cause? By the way, what event callback i can use when the camera is automatically shutdown, thank you!

SDK will not shut down any device. I have no idea what you have met. Do you reset the default camera via system control panel during the conference? Or do you call SelectCamera() in the confence?

Anyway, we have callback event named ITestVideoDeviceHelperEvent::OnSelectedVideoDeviceIsChanged(). 



I have a client having a similar issue - see my post here: 


Can you explain further about your issue as I would be interested to see if we are having the same problem. 

Could you answer the same questions that Scott posted on my post.







Thanks for the feedback, Rob. I will try to find out the reason ASAP!