Dual Camera Issue - Using Crestron TSW-1060 as Controller


I am working with a client that uses Zoom rooms with a Crestron TSW-1060 touch panel as the controller and we have an issue when using two cameras in a meeting space.

The issue we are experiencing is that when using the secondary camera (the camera that is not the set default camera in the zoom room settings on the controller) after 5 min the camera turns off and shuts down. We have done various tests, physically swapping cameras and also swapping the set default camera and the issue always follows the camera that is not set as the default. We have two rooms using the same cameras and experiencing the exact same issue.

I have two questions really:

  1. Is this a known fault or have you had anyone else with a similar issue?

  2. Is there a way to update the version of the Zoom Room app on the crestron touch panel, as we have noticed the version that it is running is quite old (running 1.0.2211.0309, latest android version is 4.3.33237.0925). We think that this may be causing the fault as it seems to be a bug with the zoom software/controller side of the system rather than a hardware related. 



  • Are you using the Windows or Mac Zoom Room?

  • What model cameras are you using? Some of the fancier PTZ cameras have in-camera presets that can be configured by the IR remote control, and I’m guessing one of the presets might be able to configure auto-shutdown after an idle time? Is it possible to turn that off?

  • When you say shutdown, exactly what do you mean? I assume the camera still appears as a USB device to the Zoom Room. Does it pan/tilt/zoom into “closed” position? and/or start sending blank video?

  • When the shutdown happens, can you do anything to revive the camera, like selecting another camera, and then re-selecting the camera that shut down?

Hi Scott, 


Answer to your questions below: 

-We are using Windows. 

  • The cameras we are using are Lumens VC-B20U, the cameras do have an auto shutdown setting after idle, which we have changed and had to luck. 

  • When i say shutdown, the camera goes into a stand-by mode where it still appears as a USB device to the zoom room and yes it does pan/tilt/zoom into its “closed position”. 

  • Yes you can revive by pressing the switch camera button on the controller which brings the camera alive again, however the 5 min cycle starts again. 


On another note, I have just seen another post from someone else which sounds like it could be a similar issue. 


We have had issues previously with the Lumens VC-B20U, but that was on the Mac, not Windows, and those issues were fixed when the customer upgraded the Mac OS to 10.12.5.

This issue is probably a generic Windows Zoom Room issue, and probably not related to the controller.

Do this: Test to see if the problem happens when you use our own controllers app (on an iPad or regular Android tablet), instead of the Crestron Touch screen; then submit a problem ticket with all this info to our support staff:




Robert posted a response on the old forum:

I did a test without the Crestron controller in the system and it still happened. I have also carried out a test using two completely different cameras (logitech cameras) and had no issues, I also conducted a test using one Lumens & one Logitech camera and the fault did not occur, did this test with setting either camera as default and no difference in result. I did a test with the two cameras connected to a different computer running the standard windows zoom software (not Zoom Rooms) and had no issues running both cameras.

It appears the issue is an incompatibility when using two lumens cameras with the Zoom Rooms software. I have logged another ticket with the support desk - Ticket #837973.

Our supplier of the Lumens cameras is happy to get Lumens involved in resolving this issue.