Automatic cloud recording when I am not a host

I had a question about Zoom meeting API. Let’s say I have enabled automatic cloud recording to the cloud on my account for all users. Now when I join an external meeting(with a person on another Zoom account) for which I am not the host and this meeting is recorded by the host. Is this meeting recorded to cloud and available in my Zoom account so that I get this recording when I pull the recording via Zoom API?

Hi @puneeth.ranganath ,

You would not automatically receive that cloud recording since you are external to the account. The host of that meeting would have to send the recording to you, but it would not be available via API for you, just through the web platform.

@gianni.zoom thanks for your response. Then can you please suggest a solution for us? We would like to record all our users meetings(internal or external meetings) and then pull those from the API later.

Hi @puneeth.ranganath , it is not possible to record and pull external account recordings due to security parameters. For external meetings, that is up to the discretion of the external host whether they will supply you with the recording.