Cloud Recordings In Oauth App

As of now, zoom websdk does not allow to use oauth access token to start meeting as host.
As a workaround, we were able to allow all attendees to join before host, and we are planning to keep it this way until Zoom makes changes to their workflow.

Now assuming that the oauth user is a paid user and cloud recording feature is available. If there is no host in this meeting, will the recording be available? or simply put, will the cloud recordings start even if there is no host in the meeting?

Which version?


Hi @barshatrai99,

If you have join_before_host enabled for a meeting and the meeting’s settings are also set to automatic cloud recording, automatic cloud recording will also start if participants join before the host.

I hope this helps to clarify!


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Thanks for your response Will. This helps.

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Let us know if you have any additional questions @barshatrai99! :slight_smile:


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