Zoom Meeting Recordings to upload on external server

I am using Zoom REST API https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/me/meetings to create meeting link and then sent this join_url to specific users via Email.
When user join meeting, auto recording starts. And once meeting ends, the recording save to users local system.
Now I want all recordings of users to be saved on my external cloud like my AWS S3 or it can be my zoom cloud. But all users meeting recordings should save on my server even if I didnt join the meeting with them.
Is it possible? Kindly provide me some explanation here.

@faiziqureshi2504 ,

This is currently not available as a functionality on the SDK.

If you are doing cloud recording, it is possible to use a webhook to retrieve the recording and upload it to your storage.

However if you are doing local recording, you will need the users to upload the video after the processing is done.

@chunsiong.zoom Thank you for your response. It was helpful.
Just one more thing, once the auto recording is set to “cloud”. It will enable auto recording once participants join meeting without host? and after they end the meeting, the recording will be automatically save to host zoom cloud, even if host didnt join the meeting? We just need to buy the zoom cloud storage for that particular way.
Am I right?

@faiziqureshi2504 , once the meeting end, the cloud recording will be saved to the host’s account.

@chunsiong.zoom even if host didnt join the meeting, right?

@faiziqureshi2504 yes

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