Automatic "Hide Non-Video Participants" in Zoom Web SDK (Client View)

While more & more features/options are being added here & there, some basic stuff is still missing in Zoom Web SDK. There seems to be no option by which we can programatically hide non-video participants in Zoom Web SDK. Neither there is any offical sdk option/method/function nor html has logical classes so we can try to achieve the same using css, although some official sdk option/method/function which can do that would be a better option.

Web SDK has manual way where user can click on non-video user’s more button & than click on “Hide Non-Video Participants” but that has to be done manually by user, one can try to achieve similar thing via Javascript code but that would be far from an ideal option.

Since user can do it manually by clicking on “Hide Non-Video Participants”, please either expose an option to ZoomMtg.join or share javascript code or css code by which we can achieve this.

Browser Console Error
Not Applicable, request is about feature needed, not about some error.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
2.4.5 (Latest)

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join meeting with Web SDK
  2. Participants with No-Video showing up
  3. Can only hide them manually clicking “Hide Non-Video Participants”
  4. Need automated way for doing this (sdk option / javascript / css)

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Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Lenevo Thinkpad E14
  • OS: Windows 11 Latest
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version: Latest

Additional context

Someone please help me in this.

Such a long associated high paying customer, yet can’t expect a solution from Zoom Support. They are there to just solve basic problems like “how to start video” nothing else.

Its been so long since software is developing developing & developing and yet so many basic things are still missing here & there. Don’t know what the heck they are developing when so many basic things are still missing when you compare cross platform SDKs.

Welcome, @ajayalag1974,

Thank you for posting and sharing your feedback. You are right, the M-SDK does provide an option to programmatically “Hide Non-Video Participants” at this time. In checking our backlog, there is no item listed for “Hide Non-Video Participants” support in the upcoming quarter. I can see how offering this feature will also benefit you and your development process. I’ve gone ahead and reached out internally to see if there is already a plan to build this feature. When more information is shared on this topic, I will let you know what’s shared. In the meantime, I would love to hear more about your use case and why this feature is important to you? What benefits would you see from having this built? Happy to share your feedback with our SDK team for consideration. If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, please feel welcome to also submit your use case as feedback here: Feedback - Zoom

Look feature is already there in other SDKs. Feature is already available in Web SDK but has to be executed manually by user by clicking “Hide Non-Video Participants” (as available when hovering non-video participant & clicking more button).

You guys already have enough reasons to have it, thats why you already have it properly in Other SDKs & partially in Web SDK, you don’t need to know my usecase as a reason to build this missing piece in WebSDK, when its already there in all SDKs fully or partially. There is no reason to not fully develop it for Web SDK (give option when joining meeting via WebSDK’s ZoomMtg.join function), such a basic thing got available in SDKs from so long yet its not available fully in Web SDK and its not that you can’t have it in Web SDK since you guys already providing user a manual option to click “Hide Non-Video Participants” which does the same thing. Just need to have an option (like other SDKs) to programmatically do the same.

If you can’t provide proper solution than provide alternative solution via:

  • Javascript Code (simulation code where user hovers non-video user, clicks more button & than clicks “Hide Non-Video Participants”, is not working as none of the mouse hovering/over/enter causing to show that more button, if this would have worked, it could be considered a temporary solution, i wrote another javascript code which actually observes html for those non-video participants and hides them, this is working but than its a react based website, other things getting broken, this option was anyway far from ideal)
  • CSS Style (html doesn’t have logical classes so as to target those elements which needs to be hidden)

I need solution this time as i can’t ignore this now, its been years i am following up WebSDK yet it has not reached a good standard against other SDKs, no flexibility, so less options, i can’t wait my entire life to have this simple option in Web SDK while its already in other SDKs and also in Web SDK as manual option to the user. Sic.

And remember we here are discussing MISSING PIECE in WEB SDK, not asking for entirely a new feature, it is to bring it at par to other SDKs atleast in basic/fundamental options/features.

Either have an option in Web SDK just like other SDKs or give javascript code to do that, since feature is already there in the Web SDK but is invoked by user manually, javascript code to do the same shouldn’t be that big just right invocation code.

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