Automatically stopping a meeting without a host

Hi team, this may not be relevant to API/webhooks.

We are programatically creating meetings. The meetings are hostless (ie the host never joins)

We are worried that the automated time out won’t occur as although a meeting will take place (with more than 1 participant), there is a small chance that one participant forgets to leave.

As I understand if the host joins and also leaves, there is a 40 minute time out if one person stays in the meeting. Does this time out still occur if the host never actually joins?

Hi @jordan3,

Good question. That’s correct—if 1 person remains in the meeting (non-host), it’s considered an idle meeting and will timeout after 40 minutes.

If you wish to handle the ending of meetings programmatically, I might also suggest checking out our Update Meeting Status endpoint:

This allows you to end a meeting via API.

Let me know if this helps!


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