Azure AD SCIM attributes


I’m looking for a proper way to assign phone numbers and calling plans via SCIM API.
Sadfully I only found a short documentation for Okta, but I guess it should be the same SCIM endpoints.

I’ve created additional attributes in our AzureAD and tried different format types but my user doesn’t receive a phone number within Zoom.

Can’t upload screenshots!


Anyone familiar with this?
I tried to add custom Zoom attributes within AzureAD with “zoomPhoneNumber” and “urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:zoom:1.0:User:zoomPhoneNumber” but neither of them worked.

Do I need some further schema editing because it seems like the AzureAD app doesn’t know the endpoint “urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:zoom:1.0:User” to update zoom phone attributes?


Yes you do need to edit the attribute list for the app to add these Zoom Phone attributes. You do have the attribute list correctly, just need to add that to the application.

Hey @justin.steinberg,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried in different variations, but none of them assigned a phone number at Zoom. I removed the number from my account, so it was unassigned.
After that I tried to provision.

Full path

and without URN

What do I miss?

Hi Jonny,

You do need to include URN. In your screenshot where you have the urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:zoom:1.0:User:zoomPhoneNumber

I do not see any of the other Zoom Phone attributes.

In order for a user to have a Zoom Phone number, they must first have Zoom Phone enabled and they must also have an appropriate Zoom Phone Calling Plan ( i.e. License ).

So if you are trying to have SCIM provision all of this, you do need to map more than just phone number. For example:


You can pass ‘0’ for zoomPhoneExtNumber and Zoom will auto generate an extension for the user; or you can pass a value you want Zoom to use for extension assignment. For the zoomPhoneCallingPlan, you need to specify the appropriate calling plan based on your purchased licenses. Check the table titled ‘Additional Zoom Phone plans and codes’ on Zoom Developer Docs for the numeric number you need to profile for zoomPhoneCallingPlan.

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Hi @justin.steinberg ,

Thanks for all the informations and sorry for the late reply.

Correct I didn’t mapped the other fields to their corresponding URN.
I took my Zoom account which already had a Zoom Phone License, Extension, Phone Site and removed just the PhoneNumber for testing (because I wasn’t sure about the correct attribute format), to get the smallest possible testing enviroment.

So my guess is that the Zoom API waiting is for a full set of attributes? Will try to test it today.

Ok, found the issue, can’t sync any attributes via SCIM with the account owner of Zoom. :melting_face: Totally forgot this. My bad.

I tried it with a regular account and the number is assigned. Horay!
For the calling plan I contacted zoom customer support, because to be honest the linked documenation is not that clear.

I was told that it should be “7923” but the plan doesn’t get assigned to the user. None of them (7921-7925) is working.
Do I may need additional codes ?

Ok, seems like it’s the plan code “1000” which assign the correct plan to our users.
Sync is running fine now.
Thank you very much for your support!