Background Filters option and Blur option


I have been using the Zoom Client SDK with custom UI to develop an app in iOS.

While using Virtual background feature, we were unable to find any docs or reference related to Filters and Blur options.

Can you provide any reference for implementing these options?

Any sample code shared would be appreciated.

Hi @dilip.r,

Can you please confirm which version of the SDK you are using? Also, the iOS SDK currently does not have support for using filters with a custom meeting UI. They are only available through the default meeting UI. You should be able to select the blur background programmatically though, depending on the version you are using.


Hi @jon.zoom ,

I’m using SDK version - v5.5.12511.0421

Which SDK version has option to add Blur background?

Hi @dilip.r,

Thanks for confirming the version you’re using. That SDK version does not have support for the blur background. The Meeting SDK usually has the same features as the client for a given version, so it’s always a good idea to check out the client release notes. In the case of blur, this was added to the client in v5.6.6, meaning that any version of the SDK from 5.7.1 onward will have support for this.


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