Blur background Option not show

hello Zoom Team,

My zoom account plan is free.
I am working with meeting web sdk v2.15.2.

My system information is below.


have a look

Virtual / blur background in SDK doesn’t work with Firefox browser - Video SDK / Web - Zoom Developer Forum

just testet with Windows 10 + Meeting SDK 2.15.2 + Cross-Origin Isolation

  • Chrome/MS Edge → Blur available
  • Firefox → Blur not available

no changes

Hii @j.schoenemeyer ,

All required changes already done.
but still not working blur.
I have windows 10 and meeting Web SDK 2.15.2.
what is this means Cross-Origin Isolation ?


background “blur” and other zoom SDK features needs the JavaScript function SharedArrayBuffer

SharedArrayBuffer is disabled by default on all browsers for security reasons

to enable SharedArrayBuffer you habe to implement “Cross-Origin Isolation