Background Image pixelated

Hi there!

We are implementing Zoom Video SDK in our application and all is set well. There is an issue that we are facing is the background image that we set is pixelated or distorted, like it has been zoomed a lot.
As there is text in our background image so it doesn’t look good.

We have gone through many posts but couldn’t find any solution to it. We were using an image with resolutions like 5760 x 3240, after finding some posts on internet we found that we need to use 1920 x 1080 but no hope.

This is how we are starting video in JavaScript:

await mediaStream.startVideo({ virtualBackground: { imageUrl: backgroundImage }, originalRatio: bOriginalRatio, hd: isHD });

The video sdk that we are referencing is:


Any help or guideline will be appreciated.

Hey @vw_development

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you share the browser info with us? The browser type, version, is SharedArrayBuffer enabled, etc.

And could you try our latest version of Video SDK Web? We fixed an issue with the virtual background in version 1.8.0.


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