Virtual background issue on mobile browser

I have used zoom video-sdk. I have enabled SharedArrayBuffer by using a service worker. Virtual background works perfectly in desktop Chrome but it’s not working in mobile end Chrome browser. In both cases, it returns typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’ as true.

I got the “Virtual background only compatible with Chrome and Edge with SharedArrayBuffer enabled” error while trying on the mobile side though " typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’ "returns true.

video-sdk : 1.9.5
mobile chrome: 119.0.6045.163
desktop chrome: 119.0.6045.159

I am using it with react.js. What’s the possible reason? Any suggestion on how can I resolve this?

Hey @Nasib48

Thanks for your feedback.

For performance and browser support considerations, the virtual background feature is currently not available for the mobile platform. You can check the platform’s support for virtual background by examining stream.isSupportVirtualBackground() .


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Thanks for the response and clarification. Do you have any plans to add virtual background support for the mobile platform in the near future? We are currently planning a new feature for our web and it would be great if we could add virtual background support for mobile browsers. Otherwise, we have to drop the feature.

Thanks again for the quick response.

Hey @Nasib48

We are working on the performance and browser capability issues related to the virtual background on the mobile platform. This may take some time, and there are currently no plans for the near future.


Thank you Vic for your quick response.

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