Backward compatibility issue with recording API


Hi Developers, We just found a backward compatibility issue towards Jan 15th REST API release.

The parameter disable_ recording in user/update API used to act as a switch to disable local recording, after this update,  disable_recording became a switch for the general ability of recording via zoom app. As a result, the parameter disable_recording , rolled over cloud recording option, even when cloud recording was enable ( enable_cmr = true).

We are currently working on fix this and will update you ASAP.


Note the change in logic with the new release:

  1. When you set disable_recording to true, it would disable local recording and cloud recording.

  2. When you set disable_recording to true and set enable_cmr to true, it would just disable local recording.

  3. When you set enable_cmr to false, it would disable cloud recording.


The confusion here is the overloaded semantics on “disable_recording”. To make it clear, we will add a JSON parameter “disable_local_recording” in the next release.