Bad request when getting group list

I was trying to get group list but I am getting 400 bad request response.

to get the user list I’m using in same condition and this is working fine.

please let me know how to solve this…

scope is set as
user:write:admin user:read:admin imgroup:read:admin imgroup:write:admin contact_group:write:admin contact_group:read:admin and this seems ok.

Thank you
A, K

Can you confirm if you are making the correct type of request i.e: GET ?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes. I’m sending Get request

Thank you

Can you try making the same request through a tool like POSTMAN and see if you still getting the same response?

Thanks for your advice.
Actually, I’m using kind of RPA named Kofax and not writing curl.
What I did is just replace “users” with “groups” at the end of the endpoint.
Everything except users/groups is set in the same but I get 400 bad request only from groups.
Could you please give me further advice? Thank you


@ak9595 Thanks for clearing this. Have you selected the group scopes?