Bad request when getting OAuth code from iframe

My application calls the Zoom API get results with an iframe and it worked perfectly until this morning.

It now keeps redirecting me to the Bad Request error page when I try to retrieve the code from

I can get it working if I access it through a stand alone tab, but I have to go through the “Grant Authorization” process everytime I call the api. I remember that I only had to grant access once and the page would give me the code directly from then on.

I need the iframe access method to keep the application automatic.
Is the new update or some settings with my application/account causing the problem?

Hey @pthkit, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

In the meantime, I believe the proper flow would be to authorize the user once, and then store the access_token and refresh_token. Docs here:


Thanks Tommy!

I should have read the docs till the end before I finished the app. I am using the proper flow right now and everything works fine. Thanks a lot!

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Happy to help!

Glad you were able to resolve the issue! :slight_smile: