Be passive out of the room

Ubuntu based on the development of video SDK Zoom Video Call Program, joinsession into the room, put a period of time will be passive out of the room, what is the reason?

@jiatingxiu ,

If there is only 1 person in the session, there will be a default timeout of 40 mins. After 40 mins of idle, the session on video SDK will automatically end.

You can set this timeout in the ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext parameter. Please let me know if you have more questions. Video SDK for Linux API Reference: ZoomVideoSDKSessionContext Struct Reference

other quession, I want to set the sessionPassword, now if I set the pwd two long, the api will return ZoomVideoSDKErrors_JoinSession_Invalid_Password.
I would like to know the exact length of the password.

@jiatingxiu , the max password length for video sdk is 10 characters