Best way to create meeting for our customer's zoom accounts

We want to integrate a function in our application that will allow our customer to create a scheduled meeting in their own Zoom accounts. We will not have a Zoom account, but simply provide an integration when an appointment is created in our product.

The process is, customer logs into our application and provides a Zoom API key or token. They schedule an appointment. Our application creates a scheduled meeting in the customer’s zoom account and displays the link.

Tried looking for documentation but everything is geared towards building an app to integrate with your own Zoom account.

Some direction would be great!

Hi @jfuhr,

Good question!

The best way to accomplish this would be to leverage OAuth. This will allow you to build an app that your customers can authorize, granting you an access_token to call the API on their behalf.

You can read about creating an OAuth App here:

And authorizing an OAuth App here:


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