Best way to process zoom meeting registrations from prospects

We searched Google extensively and several youtube videos too :slight_smile:
May be we arent using right keywords… so please bear with me.

Problem that we trying to solve is simple:
We have wordpress webpage ; We have also a zoom meeting for a scheduled time created and requires registration (the usual fname and email).

we want to have direct post back to zoom platform to send out zoom registration emails and meetings details with the email that our audience/prospects type in.

We went thru several plugins zapier, automator webhooks … you name it. Seem they all add complexity to our webpage. We just need to post fname, email and trigger email from zoom to send the registration confirmation and meeting details.

Anything simple that we can do? A direct post via rest api ?

We are looking for a step by step instrs.

Apologies if this is a re-ask or anything duplicate that we missed. Thanks in advance. Good day

Hi @ci_98yr , you can programmatically add registrants with the following endpoints:

Is this what you’re looking to do?

Yes Gianni ; Just bumped into that ; You get all the credit ! Big Thank you.
We can close this thread. Good day.

Awesome! Happy to help and have a great weekend!