Big Sur Xcode 12

Xcode 10.3 does not run on Big Sur and its being released in 2 days. Can we get some sort of update on Xcode 12 support? Not being able to update to Big Sur or run any of the new macs being released is a pretty big deal.


Hi @stallent,

Thanks for the post. We have acknowledged this upcoming change and we are working closely with the Zoom client on this. Once the Zoom client supports the Xcode 12, then the SDK will be able to support Xcode 12. I will keep everyone posted if any updates.

Thank you.

Yes, totally realize you guys have acknowledged it. Before it was just an inconvenience, but now its impacting what machines we can develop on and test on and our customers can even run our app on. Some sort of timeline or remotely realistic estimate is extremely important for both our development process as well as being able to communicate support with our customers.

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Guys, this really should have been ready to go by now. You’ve had access to the dev kits for months.

What is the timeline on this? I upgraded to bigsur without knowing … and I use this for work … and now what am I to do?

totally agree with the above, this really should have been solved by now … so I can join from a browser as long as I use chrome? … folks … this is crazy

I completely agree with the comments above. Zoom has basically abandoned developers of these sdks. It’s already really hard to develop iOS applications based on the iOS sdk. Now it will be impossible. This is not expected of a company with 114Bn USD market cap. This could be the reason why your customers will be forced to go with competitors but that will still be at a huge cost to your customers. At least a timeline for an update would be nice.