Billing of Non-login Users


I have questions regarding Non-login Users billing in the app that uses Zoom SDK.

I’m working on integrating Zoom SDK into our event platform. The app (mobile and web) should allow users to join and participate in an existing meeting or webinar. The app does not allow users to create and manage meetings.
The end-users might join into the different meetings, therefore a total amount of joined participants is potentially unlimited.

According to Non-login User:

Non-login User Billing Usage of SDK features by anonymous users will be billed to the
SDK Key & Secret owner (app developer).

I can see the Rate limits for the Zoom REST API usage and for Create a meeting API.
Also, I understand that each meeting/webinar has its own limit on how many users can join it.


  • What exactly will be billed to the app developer?
  • Is there any limitation of how many Non-login Users could use the app with Zoom SDK?


Hi @Aleksandr,

Thanks for the post. Regarding your questions:

Based on my understanding, if you are having a Pro/enterprise plan, there will not be any additional bill.

No specific limits for SDK or non-login users, the limitation follows the Zoom client.

If you would like to get more information on the plans and rates, you may get contact our sales for more info:Contact Sales | Zoom


Thanks a lot for the answer and clarification.

Let me know if any other questions. Happy Zooming! :wink: