Client SDK Join Limits (with a Marketplace OAuth App)


Please consider the following use case -

Step 1. A Zoom Business Plan user A creates a meeting using our Zoom OAuth App (available on Marketplace).
Step 2. The participants join the created meeting using the Zoom Client Web SDK that uses our Zoom account’s SDK credentials

Now, would the maximum number of participants who can join User A’s meeting using just the SDKs be governed by the limits of their Zoom Business Plan subscription or the plan that we have?

Or, in other words, would the maximum number of users who can join A’s meeting using the SDKs be governed by 300 (User A’s Zoom Business Plan limits) or the the limits of our account?

Please let me know if something is confusing


Hi @moogway,

Good question. To clarify, the maximum number of people who can join a meeting will be determined by the host’s license type and the capacity of that plan. The Web SDK itself will not have an effect on this.


@will.zoom Thanks for answering Will!

No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

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