Binding zoom software with machine

Currently we are using the ZOOM software. Now if we create a meeting ID, anyone can join the meeting session by downloading the ZOOM software and entering the meeting ID. We want to enhance one layer of security in this. 

We want that only that person should join the meeting to whom we have authorized for the meeting.We want that software to bind with one particular system (PC) only (for one user) which we authorize from the admin panel. We need this feature as we send the systems to remote locations and we put additional layers of security on the machines. Hence we want that once the Zoom is downloaded on a particular system then it should run on only that particular system  with a particular ID and no other system can run the software with that ID.


This doesn’t seem to be related to APIs. Please contact our support team and they will be able to assist you further.


Wei @ Zoom

I already contacted the support team and they told me to post my concern over here. Kindly suggest to whom should I contact 

Ati, this is not possible with our zoom native clients. The only option for you would be to develop your own native clients by embedding  zoom SDKs and then adding the logic in your native application to bind the machines to meetings. 

Wei @ Zoom