Black screen when trying to embed zoom client

Hi there,

I’m trying to embed the Zoom client into my client’s website and running into an issue. When the page i’m trying to embed it on loads, a black screen appears.

I feel like i’m on the right track and may just be missing some credentials?

This is my meetConfig:
apiKey: ‘MY API KEY*’
meetingNumber: ‘MY MEETING NUMBER’,
leaveUrl: ‘’,
userName: ‘…’,
role: 1 // 1 for host

I’m not sure what to put as the “YOUR_SIGNATURE_ENDPOINT” in the getSignature function and feel like this might be what I need to get it working?

The website is built and hosted with Webflow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @AniccaDevelopment,

You need to generate a meeting signature to be able to participate in the meeting. This signature is typically something that you’d generate on the backend (not just something you’d paste on the frontend of the website).

You can use PHP or any other backend language to generate it.

For the endpoint, simply have it return the signature based on the meeting ID, role, and your API keys.

You can find some code samples here:

Thanks for jumping in, @hassan2!

@AniccaDevelopment, let us know if you still have questions. :slight_smile:


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