Break-out is not available in web sdk

I m using angular 8. When I start a meeting but i can’t see breakout option and also overlap more info menu. Please help me.


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It’s not currently available on the web SDK. It is a short term goal from the Zoom development team to introduce it soon.

Here is the roadmap they have provided:

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Hey @meenakshigaur,

Like @hassan2, said, breakout rooms are not currently supported in the Web SDK.

We are releasing this functionality soon. Stay updated here:


Hi @tommy ,

I see from the roadmap that @hassan2 posted that the breakout rooms feature is posted under the short term goal section. Would you be able to provide a rough estimate as what defines a “short term” goal (i.e. days, weeks, months, etc.)?

I’m curious as I am looking to integrate a video streaming service into a web project I am working on, where breakout rooms are a core feature that I need to be able to provide for my users. Currently, I have integrated Jitsi Meet with a custom implementation of breakout rooms into the site. And this is working relatively well but I would really appreciate a (hosted) managed solution such as Zoom so I can forget about the issues that I am running in to in regards to hosting the servers myself.

Given my project timeline, I would like to understand whether or not to move forward with Zoom, under the assumption that the breakout room feature will be available shortly using the web sdk, or to begin looking elsewhere.


Hey @peter.r.mah,

While I can definitely appreciate the ability to nail down a given date or time range, there are a lot of factors that go into when our releases go out and what features are ultimately included. As Tommy noted, we’re aiming to include this functionality in an upcoming release, but we don’t have an exact date to offer. While it’s likely this will be included in the coming months, you will want to stay tuned to our Changelog.


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