Use breakout rooms in WebSDK - how?

We are unable to use the breakout rooms in webSDK. Is this feature implemented in the current version? WBR.

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Hi @reg,

Right now the WebSDK does not support breakout rooms. We are working on implementing this within a future release. Please see our developer roadmap -

Break out room is not supporting in web SDK that is okay.

If the host trying to add the participant(participant is connected from web SDK) to the break out room means that participant is not listed in the break out room option for assigning.
But the participant is who connected from installed official zoom application are listed in the break out room.
From your point i guess the break out option is not available for web SDK. But the attendee can able to join the break out room from web SDK . is it correct?

So, here my question is the web SDK users cannot able to join break out room?

Hey @kalaiselvi.j,

Currently the Web SDK does not support breakout rooms.

You can see the list of supported features here: