Breakout room updates


We are currently building an app around the zoom SDK. The idea is to facilitate with a more “graphique” interface interaction between users. We are currently working on a feature that allow user to move from breakout room to another with a click or a drag and drop event in our interface. We are facing 3 problems:

  • When we update a breakout room with the zoom API, the zoom component that we integrate isn’t updated. Is there a way to live update the zoom component, that we integrate with the SDK, while the meeting is running?
  • We might want to set participants in breakout room before the meeting start. When we launch the meeting, we would like the participant to already be in the breakout room when he’s connecting. How is the breakout room participant attribution field working?
  • We also would like to watch event happening inside the zoom component, in the case of a user moving from breakout room to another with the zoom interface, to match our interface with zoom.

Thank you