Extend breakout rooms assign feature

In my use case, I create multiple breakout rooms at once (this feature is already available in the default zoom interface) then I assign participants from the main room to the breakout rooms based on their user identity matched with our logic (our user database is linked with their zoom user identity)

So I m looking to extend the breakout room participants assigning functionality. Is there a way to do this through the Zoom REST API ?

Greetings, @dumidu47,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. The setting object for Create and Update Meeting API has a breakout_room object you can use to pre-assigned breakout rooms:

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 8.56.01 AM

Here is our help documentation for the pre-assigned breakout rooms settings for reference :

I hope this helps.


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Hi @donte.zoom ,

Thank you for the reply. In my use case, I create multiple breakout rooms at once using the Zoom Host interface. Then I need to assign/move participants to those rooms through the REST API. I didn’t see the assigned participants method in the documentation. Is that feature available?

@dumidu47 ,

Have you tried to use the Participants array[string] found within the breakout_room object? The Update meeting API also includes the breakout_room object.

Update A Meeting API

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 10.45.04 AM

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Thank you. Are there any method to list down all breakout rooms in a specific zoom meeting and assign participants into that through web API ?

Hi @dumidu47 ,

I believe what Donte shared allows you to do this. The rooms array allows you to assign participants into specific rooms.

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Thanks. It shows me not found for all the API doc links. meetingupdate

Hi @dumidu47
We recently updated our documentation platform.
Visit the API docs here:


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Hello everyone,
Is there a method to retrieve participants of the current/live meeting including zoom registered and not registered users.
One that doesn’t require a Business plan (I have a Pro plan).
Thank you for your time!

Hi @boristheteacher

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Unfortunately the endpoints that you can call to get the data you are looking for are available only on our Dashboard API which need a Business or higher plan.

Thanks Elisa,
I see. I wish there was a way to test the Business plan features before upgrading my account. I reached out to sales and they didn’t seem willing to offer a trial. I already have 4 pro accounts but I guess I’ll have to look for another approach.

Hi Donte. Would you happen to know if it’s possible to update the meeting (update breakout rooms participants array) after the meeting has already started?
Would it be possible to assign users (using username or user id) who don’t have registered zoom accounts also?
Thank you

Although you can listen for breakout room events, programmatically moving participants to different breakout rooms, for example, is currently not supported. This is because the Zoom API does not have access to in-meeting controls. Instead, the Zoom API is intended for Pre and Post-meeting configuration. So you can pre-assign and re-assign breakout room participants before the meeting start, but not during. However, I can see the value programmatically moving participants would add to the developer experience. If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, please feel welcome to submit your use case as feedback here: https://zoom.us/feed.

Currently, it is not possible to assign users (using username or user id) who don’t have registered zoom accounts.


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