Breakout rooms API

+1 for an API to create Breakout Rooms on the fly + invite people in.

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+1 for an API to create Breakout Rooms on the fly

+1000 for the Breakout Rooms API.

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+1 as well. We would love to host round-robin 1:1 networking events.


@tommy is there still no timeline for this? Are there any similar features that can be used to automate breakout rooms?

Thank you!


Hi there!

Are you guys currently planning to add more in-meeting functionality for apps from the Zoom Marketplace? Aka is there a chance of this becoming a priority within your team?

Is there any roadmap related to in-meeting capabilities or a person responsible to talk to?


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+1 on prioritizing the Breakout Room API. This is critical…

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+9999 for breakout-rooms API!
After getting so much requests, and expressions of needs for this from ZOOM practitioners,
Can we kindly get at least a timeline for this feature?

Our team would connect Zoom to our facilitation tool after this feature is available, thanks!

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+9999 ! for me too most important


+10000 for breakout room API. This feature request is really critical for the people who are developing LMS solutions.


Well, after reaching 110 requests, and no empathy or a response from Zoho Team …
I start to get some ZOOMBIE feelings :wink:

The problem is that this topic has been “mark as solved” so I figure it must be ignored by the PMs when reviewing it.

@tommy could you unmark it please? It’s definitely done solved!

Thank you very much :pray:

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+1 for an API to create Breakout Rooms on the fly.

Looks like ‘Breakout Rooms’ WebSDK feature moved to Released status 2 days ago…

Breakout Rooms on Zoom Developer Roadmap | Trello

Will there be an equivalent REST API update coming soon also? (Please say yes, please say yes!)

It seems like this “support” is just a JS function to read the Breakout Rooms already created :frowning_face: