Breakout rooms API

+1 for Breakout Rooms API

+1 for this breakout rooms API.

+1 for the Breakout Rooms API from the SchoolBox Team.

Hey everyone,

With the Create, Update, and Get Meeting APIs, you can manage and pre assign breakout rooms:


This is not a solution.
This is not an API.
This is typical Zoom coming up for a half-baked thing!? for a valid feature requested by hundreds of pro users.
Just like they did with the multiple spotlight feature.
Just like they will do with the NDI feature.

We already could upload a csv to the web portal before this (solution?!).
How much of an improvement is it to do the same thing via a patch request instead of manually uploading?
Is this what you came up with for over a year?

How is this an API if I, as the host, still have close the rooms and return 150 participants in 15 rooms to the main hall just to shuffle them to their new rooms or still click to those damn hover-to-reveal buttons to change their rooms???

It’s a real shame that you don’t have any competition in this field. Yes, I admit that Zoom is still the best and we must use it and believe me you hardly deserve this level of success.

I’m 100% sure that the same half-baked solution-like thing will be what you’ll do with the much-waited NDI feature.

I’m so frustrated, we were waiting for a whole year for the heavens’ sake, I’m so … :man_facepalming:t2: :confused:

~ Fatih

Hello @tommy,

Thanks for finally getting back to us! That’s definitely progress, let’s be happy about that. Still the API as is i unsable, for at least two reasons on my side (but I’m sure other people might have their 2 cents here, we are many here!)

Unpredictable order

Here’s the Ruby code I just used to fill the breakout_room parameter:

  enable: true,
  rooms: [
    { name: "Table 1", participants: [] },
    { name: "Table 2", participants: [] },
    { name: "Table 3", participants: [] },
    { name: "Table 4", participants: [] },
    { name: "Table 5", participants: [] }

And here is a screenshot of the breakout rooms I get when I join the meeting:

Quite confusing for our students!

Limited options

Creating the breakout rooms with the API gives us the following default options:

In our case, we would like to have the “Allow participants to choose room” ticked by default! This is not mentionned in the API, I guess we could extend the breakout_room JSON we send back to you with a few more booleans.

Hope this thread does not get marked as “Solved” on your end and you can continue improve the API with our feedback! Thank you!