Breakout Rooms GetBOCreatorHelper, GetBOAdminHelper both return NULL


  • Even though the SDK user has Host status and breakout rooms are enabled for the meeting, SDKInterfaceWrap::GetInst().GetMeetingService()->GetMeetingBOController()->GetBOAdminHelper() returns NULL
  • onHasAttendeeRightsNotification and onLostAttendeeRightsNotification do get called when breakout rooms are started, so I have the interface integrated correctly
  • all other pure virtuals in IBOControllerEvent (onHasAdminRightsNotification) are not called, despite SDK client user receiving host status. A regular Zoom Client user with host status can do things such as creating breakout rooms / starting or ending breakout sessesions
  • Everything else I’ve tested in the SDK seems to work fine

Do I need a special (pro / enterprise) account for this to work? I assumed that since a regular account can perform breakout rooms admin tasks if they have host status, that the same applies to the SDK interfaces – is this not the case? If this is expected to work, then I can provide additional details / code / reproduction steps

Which version?
Master branch on GitHub for Windows SDK