broadcast of mirror image


I am a college professor who wishes to begin using a ‘lightwall’ in my zoom lectures. to be brief…a lightwall is glass wall that is between me and the student that allows me to draw (just as i would on a whiteboard, only i dont have to turn away from the students). When i draw on the glass…the orientation is perfect for me, but backwards for my students. Zoom allows me to mirror my feed so i can see it the way they do…can you add a feature that would let me BROADCAST the mirror of my image, so they can see it in normal orientation.

Currently the video has to be recorded and flipped by third party software, which renders it unusable for live lectures.

As this is a growing trend in education (khan academy and other large webinar based institutions are rapidly embracing this technique) I believe it will be a good feature for zoom to implement.

Thank you

Phil Smith


Hey Phil,

Thankyou for bringing this request to our attention. We’ll definitely add it to our feature requests pipeline and roll it out in a future release. We’ll keep you posted.




Hey Professor Smith.


One suggestion as a work around until then would be to utilize ManyCam  ( and there is an option to flip your video feed. ManyCam serves as a virtual webcam. There are tutorials on the website about how to stream Manycam as a webcam. Not complicated but not the most clear to setup. Also, just to state: the free version is 100% capable of doing what you need, assuming that is just flipping your video stream prior to broadcasting through Zoom.


Good luck sir.