Broken Web Sign In Page on iPad

Our app integrates Zoom iOS SDK. One of the use cases opens Zoom’s sign in page to let the users to integrate their Zoom account. See the web page’s captcha element is stretched out vertically. This open happens when the sign in page is shown via our in app browser. However, our in app browser doesn’t really do anything special other than opening the url as-is.

BTW, the help center doesn’t have any info on how to file a bug like this. I think Web SDK is the closest I found. Please redirect the bug to the appropriate team if possible. Otherwise, please instruct me to file this correctly.

This is affecting our customers right now. I wish this can be resolved asap.

I found that the isn’t iPad or our app issue. I reproduced the bug using macOS Safari. See this screenshot:

Hi @sangwoo,

Thank you for reaching out about this. Our team is aware of the issue and is looking into it. (ZOOM-198205).


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