BUG: Multiple Spotlight on Cloud Recording

Hi all,

We’ve been waiting for months for this issue to be addressed but it seems that nobody noticed or worst, care enough to look at.
I already mentioned it under another topic as a comment 3 months ago.

Firstly, thanks for the multiple spotlight feature and then fixing an immediate problem by adding the Replace Spotlight button.

But the Cloud Recording issue is still here:
When there are multiple people spotlighted, the cloud recording acts as if no one is spotlighted and focuses on anyone who is speaking at that time.

To be clear:
• Speaker A is spotlighted. S/he is silent. Participant C is talking. In the Cloud Recording, we see (as expected) Speaker A. Excellent, thank you, that’s how it should be.
• Speaker A is spotlighted. We add spotlight to Speaker B. Everybody see two of them in the screen, no one else. Great, this is the long-awaited multiple spotlight feature. But then Participant C starts to talk, asking a question, maybe. In the Cloud Recording, we see (not as expected) Participant C or D or E, or anyone who speaks as if no one is spotlighted.


Guys, there is a reason that we (as hosts/managers) spotlighted those select few people (speakers/panelists).

I’ll try and further explain our case but I see little need for that because you’re aware of its importance since you do not allow anyone else to be in the recording when one person is spotlighted.

Kindly, click the play button to see and read further details about this issue.



Still, I’ll continue…
Our meetings and trainings are of very sensitive nature: medical, psychiatric and psychological trainings where doctors or medical personnel often share their private cases (of their patients).
So, we need only the panelists / official speakers appear up in the recordings.

There are multiple reasons for this but the most important one being that I need to get a written consent from all of the participants to let them show up in the recordings.
And only a couple of them gives consent to appear in the recording out of hundreds of participants / listeners / watchers.


Possible workarounds (not solutions, just workarounds):


Stop video of all other participants except official speakers/panelists
We can’t do that. That’s basically webinar model and our trainings require interaction, so we got to use the meeting. Speakers need to see the attendee (their students, most of them MD or Ph.D).
And participants need to share their cases on occasion.
Also, the newly-added security measure as allowing or not to Start Video doesn’t work for everyone (old versions of Zoom, maybe?).
So, someone might (and did countless times) turn on her/his video even if I didn’t allow them to do so.


Spotlight one speaker at a time by hitting the Replace Spotlight button.

It doesn’t work:
•• When two or three speakers are discussing, it’s nearly impossible to switch their spotlight fast enough by finding their name in the participants list or video thumbnail in the gallery, hit the more button, hit the replace spotlight. Especially given that Zoom’s constantly changing the order of those views.
Dozens of time, I’ve spotlighted the wrong person because that darn button slipped off under my cursor `_´
Before the multiple-spotlight feature, I was spotlighting Speaker A, then pin Speaker B to get ready and act fast to replace spotlight.
Now, you took this away, as well. I’m the host for Christ’s sake, even I can’t pin someone if another’s spotlighted.
What’s the reason?
Why can’t I pin another video, what’s the harm?
Why do you hate us :smiley:

•• Also any change to spotlight (add or remove or replace) forces all participants into Speaker View by turning off their gallery mode.
I don’t remember how many angry complaints I’ve got from the speakers/panelists that they want to see the attendee in gallery mode but their view is changing every couple of seconds.
Why do you do that? Why does spotlighting a person turns off all participants’ gallery view? If s/he wants to watch the meeting in the gallery mode, let her/him be! Even my view as a host is changing. If someone wants to see the spotlight, then s/he can always switch to Speaker View. Why do you force people? At least, make an exception for hosts and co-hosts; at least, don’t force us, the managers.

•• Also, replacing spotlight causes (though being momentarily) the active speaker (not wanted in the recording) still appear up in the recording.


Edit the recording (post-production) by replacing the unwanted person’s video with the speakers’ video cropping from Gallery Recording
When there are more than a couple of participants with their camera turned on, the gallery recording’s resolution is not usable for this purpose. 1920px*1080px divided by 20 or 50, well, do the math.


Record locally from another computer and use it to replace speakers view and unwanted people’s appearance
Well, this is what I’m doing for 3 months, for more than 40-50 meetings, each being 8-10 hours long.
Editing one day of meeting using this method takes about 2-3 days.
Why, you ask?
Because, the cloud recording and local recording does not sync up :man_facepalming:t2:
I align them at one moment, and a minute later they’re getting out of sync. I’m cutting and moving and patching seconds by seconds, sometimes frames by frames :frowning:
I guess this out-of-sync issue is somewhat related to your compression and streaming algorithms. It’s great, btw, thank you for the excellent work (not sarcasm, I’m being honest here).
When a speaker’s connection is bad and her/his video or audio freezes, a couple of seconds later we see/hear in a speedy way, so it (audio/video) catches up. Mind-blowing, wow, you’re awesome.
But it does have its side effects as I’ve mentioned.


Anyways, time to sum up…

Guys, this is a nightmare.
For 3 months, I’ve been struggling to deal with this issue and God knows how many more months I’ll continue…
And I’m done, I’m finished; quoting from Green Mile, I’m dog-tired :slightly_frowning_face:

Why do you hate us?
Seriously, why :smiley:?

You already have a filter in your Cloud Recording algorithm to allow only the spotlighted person.
Just, extend it with something like, I don’t know…

func should_be_allowed_in_the_rec( active_speaker ) {
  return spotlight_list.includes( active_speaker.id);

Yeah, it’s that easy, just 1 line of code (sarcasm sign here) :smiley::smiley:
While you’re on it, please bring back the pin video feature even if someone else’s spotlighted. At least, make an exception for the host and co-hosts.


I hope that I’m not alone with this problem and other fellow (pro) users chime in.

To be honest, my hopes are not high.
I’m pretty sure that this will get lost in the pile of hundreds of other topics :frowning:
And I’m sure that I’ll continue to download that day’s recording wondering (and wishing) this time, maybe this time, you noticed and fixed the issue and I won’t have to edit those videos for 2 days straight without a rest.

Still, one can only hope, I guess :blush::slightly_smiling_face:


~ Fatih



I’m encountering the same problem. I have multiple recordings that are mere seconds long of the same meeting, while also having the spotlight speaker recording. Can’t figure out how to prevent this from occurring! Driving me mad.


Having the same problem.

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I have the same issue. It’s not only a recording issue, it’s a streaming issue. When we stream to Facebook or Streamspot, the double spotlights are not visible to the viewers watching the stream even though they are visible within the Zoom room.
Did not notice this until I was making a recording to show somebody how it worked. Surprised that the multiple spotlights weren’t represented in Zoom recordings, I looked at our FB and streamspot recordings and realized that they also were only showing active speaker.
Looking forward to advice/solution. Thank you.


@copelmusic exactly Laura, yes, the problem is on iPhone, Android, Cloud Recording and (as you mentioned) Streaming.
It seems that the multiple spotlight feature has been implemented solely for desktop clients.
But the problem is not only showing active speaker, which is, though being less than ideal, is manageable / acceptable in my opinion.
The main issue is Zoom acts as if no one’s spotlighted so it displays (on mobile) and records (in the cloud) and streams even those not spotlighted (including accidental mic turn-ons) :man_facepalming:t2: :confused:

~ Fatih

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Yes, Faith. @pikonferans - You are correct. I worded it improperly. What I meant to write is, the spotlight(s) is/are not respected/recognized/carried over to the stream/cloud recording/etcetera.
Yet it works perfectly in the local recording. That’s why it appears to be a bug rather than a design flaw. IMHO.


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Thank you pikonferans, I second this. This is a major problem and it turns the cloud recording unusable when it is necessary to have multiple people spotlighted in a meeting.


Same issue here. In addition to the many reasons this is a problem that have already been brought up it is a HUGE accessibility issue (and therefore an ADA compliance legal issue) as it becomes impossible to guarantee that a Sign Language interpreter is visible to the entire audience and appears in the recording.
This is SO frustrating!


Exact same issue - and I came here to echo @LilliT. Our ASL interpreters can be double spotlighted with a speaker live, but that is not reflected in the recording! Accessibility is SO important - please fix this ASAP.


Following this because I too would very much like to find a way to Spotlight more than one “presenter” and have all Spotlight’s displayed on the Facebook Live feed and recorded into the Zoom mp4 recording just as “participants” see them when watching the live Zoom. I have a lot of appreciation for the ASL piece too.


We really need that the recording records all the spotlight videos, we are working with a Sign Language interpreter and we need that attendees could see she all the time, in the meeting, in the recording and in the rtmp signal.

If this is already working and we don’t know how to use it pls explain that, if not pls confirm that this is not allowed to find a solution for our side.

Thanx for your great app…

Best Regards.


I agree this is a really problematic bug for us, as we rely on the spotlighting for many reasons, and it’s infuriating that it isn’t carried over to the cloud recordings.


This is a significant issue for my clients and appears there’s a lack in understanding end-user use cases. We leverage the multiple spotlight to show one continuously active speaker and highlight a second person to demonstrate. The recording doesn’t capture this case and as a result, we have an active speaker, talking into Zoom, the entire recording.

In addition to the multi-spotlight recording issue, the ability to switch between recorded file views (Speaker, Speaker with Screen Share, Audio, Chat) appears to have disappeared/been removed. Now, when sharing recordings, viewers only have access to the first recorded file. This causes us to have to delete extra files or to copy the specific file link, and to retrieve the passcode from the high level recording settings.


yes, we are also having this issue.

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Hi, I just got off the phone with Zoom support, and I believe I found the solution to this particular problem. Putting in depth info here in case anyone else, like me, stumbles onto this thread.

First, multiple spotlight recording does NOT work with cloud recording. Zoom cannot tell whether you want to record one spotlit speaker or multiple spotlit speakers while in speaker view, so its default is to record the single spotlit speaker who is talking. This is not necessarily a bug – it’s by design.

Next, multiple spotlight recording also does NOT work with local recording while you have ‘USE DUAL MONITORS’ checked in your general settings. That’s similar to the above cloud recording… when you use dual monitors (which Speaker View works a bit differently from single monitor), the program cannot distinguish what you want to record.

In order to get multiple spotlight recording, you must be in SINGLE MONITOR mode (uncheck use dual monitors in settings), and in Speaker View. Zoom essentially will record the exact view you’re in, much like a screen capture.

Here’s my particular case scenario: My main computer is in dual monitor mode – that allows me to host the meeting, spotlight people, etc. I have a second, dedicated recording computer as a co-host, in single monitor mode, and in Speaker View. This computer’s sole job is to locally record everything it sees in that view. Set it and forget it. Multiple spotlight recording achieved.

TL;DR: In order to get multiple spotlight recording, have your main computer or a dedicated recording computer locally record your meeting while in single monitor Speaker View.

It’s not a solution, it’s a workaround and I already mentioned in under possible workarounds title in my original post.
The reasons and explanation why it is not a solution rather a workaround are vast.

Yes, of course, that is understandable and a valid point.
But, but … … …

Here comes the but.
Because no, that’s not what’s happening.
And that is exactly what we are asking:
Record in cloud or show in mobile or stream to other platforms (YouTube, etc.) only and only one of those who were spotlighted, any one of them.
Here comes … 1 photo = 1000 words section…
This is how it is in desktop clients and what should have been in all other media

This is how it is in mobile devices, live stream and cloud recording.


It is a bug, this cannot be by design.
By design infers consistency across the components / modules of the same service.
If it were by design, if that was the intention, if Zoom actually had put some real thinking and planning in this feature and decided to proceed as it is now, then all devices and media would have followed the same pattern.
You know what happened?
We wanted (the pro users, lots of them) wanted an option to spotlight more than one person.
And Zoom’s dearest developers came up with a half-baked solution (?!) as in implementing the said feature for the desktop clients but didn’t get into trouble of implementing it to other services (cloud, stream, mobile).
That’s what happened!
To summarize:
The problem is not that we don’t see the gallery-like view in recordings or live stream or mobile devices.
The problem is that we see those who were not spotlighted everywhere except desktop clients.

That is a useful tip Joseph ( @jtranprod ), for me at least, thank you :pray:t2:

~ Fatih

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We have just completed a conference where multiple spotlight recordings would have reduced our editing time by about 50 hours for 80 hours of recordings! This is an essential facility for Zoom going forward if they are serious about their ambitions in the Webinar and Large Meeting space…and it really needs to be bumped up the bug fix priortiy list…


Hello! New to the forum because I deep diving into an issue.

Has anyone else noticed that this is now a problem for Cloud recordings with just ONE spotlighted speaker as well? Two weeks ago I was able to record a meeting with myself spotlighted, and only see myself in the recording even with others were speaking. (Great, how it should be.)

Now, when I spotlight JUST MYSELF, and record as speaker view only, in the recording it still shows EVERYONE who actively speaks, not just myself as the spotlighted speaker.

Why is this? Why did it change? This is a terrible update. I record with my video spotlighted for a reason — I teach families and they do not wish to appear in the recordings.

If anyone has any workarounds please advise!

Kaila (@spanishimmersionva) hi,

I believe something else going on in your case since we have 1 or 2 large meetings every day (including today) and we didn’t encounter the issue you described.
If one person is spotlighted, no one else is showing up in recordings / stream / mobile. Multiple spotlight problem still continues, unfortunately.

Are you sure that you spotlighted (not pinned) the main speaker?
You know, pin is for your eyes only whereas spotlight is for everybody (and recordings).


~ Fatih

I know it seemed super odd to me too! It was definitely spotlighted and not pinned, I double checked after i first realized. it happened in 8 different meetings throughout last week :unamused: And when I reached to CS they said that it was expected behavior after one of the recent updates. But I’m gonna keep doing some research cuz it doesn’t seem logical to me! But hearing that it isn’t occurring to you gives me hope that it’s fixable on my end too!